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Certification Conformance Statement


Organization Name: IntelliCorp
Product or Implementation: IntelliSearch
Date Certified: 2013-07-22
Specification(s) Certified Against: BackgroundReports.xsd
Package(s): 2004-08-02 (2_3)
Use of specification: IntelliCorp® uses the HR Open Standards Consortium’s BackgroundReports.xsd with no extensions. It utilizes SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 within a .NET framework.


IntelliCorp® electronically receives completed test results from drug screening companies. With HR-XML compliant xml IntelliCorp® is able to deliver the reports to end clients using a simple and consistent xsl transformation process which provides maximum flexibility and simplicity leveraging existing technologies.


The HR-XML specification allows IntelliCorp® to seamlessly integrate with their vendors’ systems in a simple consistent way that provides flexibility and control of their products from end to end.


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About IntelliCorp

IntelliCorp® is a premier nationwide provider of background checks and employment and volunteer screening.
Since 1996, IntelliCorp® has worked with law-enforcement agencies nationwide to build a unified data center for criminal records. We are the architect of the country’s most comprehensive and reliable data repository of criminal records, driving records, and other public information. The unique IntelliCorp® technology platform features sophisticated searching and – an industry first – the IntelliSearch ‘smart recommendation’ model.
Our online system gives you instant access to billions of public records – exactly the data you need to make the best possible choices in your hiring, renting, and volunteer-recruiting decisions.

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