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Nirajkumar Vadher

  • Hello, I am trying to map our payroll requirements with HR XML Payroll Release 3.3 (SyncPayrollMaster). However, I am unable to map below information. Where can I map below Field of information?
    1. Responsible HR ID ( Responsible HR for the employee)
    2. AIP Eligible ( Employee is eligible for annual incentive plan or not )
    3. AIP Grade
    4. Last…[Read more]

    • Hi Nirajku,

      The 3.X Payroll specification does not include the information you have in your list. You can add them via the user area. I would also recommend you join the current Payroll project so you can ensure your requirements are added to the new JSON/XML specification. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding any questions you may…[Read more]