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  • Nirajkumar Vadher posted an update in the group Group logo of Implementation ForumImplementation Forum 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hello, I am trying to map our payroll requirements with HR XML Payroll Release 3.3 (SyncPayrollMaster). However, I am unable to map below information. Where can I map below Field of information?
    1. Responsible HR ID ( Responsible HR for the employee)
    2. AIP Eligible ( Employee is eligible for annual incentive plan or not )
    3. AIP Grade
    4. Last appraisal date
    5. Cost Center code
    6. Supervisor ID

    May be if we use HR master data sync then some of these fields might be already available but that is not the case right now. Could you suggest any correct Any pointer here is much appreciated.


    • Hi Nirajku,

      The 3.X Payroll specification does not include the information you have in your list. You can add them via the user area. I would also recommend you join the current Payroll project so you can ensure your requirements are added to the new JSON/XML specification. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding any questions you may have regarding the payroll project.

      Best regards,