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HR Open is happy to announce the launch of our new podcast series focused on the standards; their implementations, how they’re used, and the technologies utilized. We’re excited to bring this series to air on Tuesday, May 26th. Tune in every two weeks for stories from people in our international community who have built and executed the standards. We’ll also have short bonus episodes available introducing you to the HR Open Board of Directors and their journeys with HR Open.

Podcast episodes will include:

  • Building Data Standard Specifications
  • How to Simplify your Payroll Implementation
  • Innovations in Assessments
  • The HR Canonical Data Model: Benefits of Using Open Standards
  • Implementation 101: Did You Forget Something?

Technology is ultimately about people. In the past, our collaboration has been built around the creation of standards, and that has worked really well. However, as the market shifts and adapts, we are starting to see a shift in the problems faced by the builders and creators in our industry. We are moving away from a lack of common language towards a need for greater collaboration and cooperation. It is our hope that the podcasts are a first step in providing a space where industry peers of many backgrounds can have a common meeting space.

– Jason Sole, President, HR Open Standards