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The Consortium is continually updating our specifications and creating new standards to meet industry needs. A significant benefit to our organizational members is that any of their employees may participate in the standards development. This allows the company to help create the standards and gives them early access to the specifications.

Learn more about our standards development process and current projects below.
Participation in our workgroups is a distinct member benefit of the consortium. Check out more benefits of HR Open Standards membership.
How we develop standards

The process

Industry need
Project proposal
Define Use Cases
Develop schema
Consortium vote

Assessments HR-JSON

The assessments workgroup develops and maintains assessment standards to support the procurement of assessment services and the integration of assessment results.

Benefits Enrollment HR-JSON

The employee benefits workgroup develops and maintains standards that provide employers flexibility and save them time and money when integrating systems with benefits administrators and benefits providers.

Contingent Staffing HR-JSON

(Upcoming) The contingent staffing workgroup will develop and maintain standards to support the transmission of Staffing Industry information between a staffing supplier and customers, master vendors, vendor management systems, and eProcurement tools.

Interviewing HR-JSON

The interviewing workgroup develops and maintains standards to save time and money when integrating between the candidate, recruiter, and HR, Performance Management, and Interviewing systems.

Payroll HR-JSON

The payroll workgroup develops and maintains payroll standards which provide employers flexibility and save them time and money when integrating systems with benefits administrators, benefits providers, and payroll processors.

Recruiting HR-JSON

The Recruiting workgroup develops and maintains a variety of standards that fall within the recruiting domain that simplify exchanges between trading partners that span the wider recruiting domain.

Salary Survey HR-JSON

The Salary Survey workgroup develops and maintains standards that facilitate efficient and secure communication between employers, service providers, and affiliated business processes such as salary surveys.

Screening HR-JSON

The Screening workgroup develops and maintains standards for the Background Checking industry focusing on transactions between Screening Service Requesters and Screening Supplier Providers.

Employee Referrals HR-JSON

Initial project started: The Employee Referral workgroup will develop standards to simplify the ability to hire referrals and improve overall referral program compliance


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