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HR Open Standards

Why is HR Open Standards Good for you?

Our standards, certifications, and global network provide a competitive advantage
and trusted symbol across the globe in HR Technology.

It leadership

Establish yourself as a tech leader through compliance to international industry standards

Easily integrate with internal and external systems/vendors

Reduce cost and development time when switching systems

Increase ROI from system investments

Save on implementation and maintenance costs

Empower IT staff with industry standardized skills and knowledge base

Developers & Architects

Reduce development time

Reduce custom coding and learning curve

Reduce implementation headaches

Join established developer communities to share resources and ideas

Gain skills and knowledge to compete integrations, staying competitive with technical and product knowledge

Gain industry credentials

Streamline validation with HR Open Standards’ self-testing tools

HR Consultants

Gain client confidence by sourcing trusted, standards-based solutions/products

Keep up to date with solutions that simplify data interchange across multiple HR applications

Increase confidence among clients for standards-based, interoperable HR solutions

Avoid vendor lock-in