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Founded in 1999, the HR Open Standards Consortium is the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to the development and promotion of a standard suite of specifications to enable human resource related data exchanges.
Our standards are free, current global HR vocabularies developed in a transparent, collaborative, consensus-based environment open to all HR professionals and organizations.

HR Open Standards has 3 slide shows providing an overview of HR Open and our development process. Please feel free to download any of the slide shows for your use. If you need additional information, please contact us.

HR Open Overview (9 slides)

HR Open Overview (11 slides)

HR Open Overview with Project Details (24 slides)


Enable innovation by allowing employers, government, and software vendors to leverage flexible, comprehensive, and free sets of HR specifications.
Be globally recognized as the community and leading provider of specifications that enable interoperability between HR systems.


To lead the ongoing development of robust, extensible, global HR interoperability standards enabling easy-to-implement, time- and cost-effective integration of HR systems.
To expand and engage the community in sharing experiences and expertise for the betterment of the community.
To collaborate with other standards organizations to ensure interoperability and business alignment.

How we develop standards

The process

Industry need
Project proposal
Define Use Cases
Develop schema
Consortium vote
HR Open Standards Staff

Meet our team

Kim Bartkus

Executive Director

Kelly Berntson

Communications & Event Manager

Dimitar Daraganov

Technical Consultant

Emily Carter

Board of Directors

Meet our Board

These are the industry and thought leaders guiding the standards starship.

Andrew Cunsolo

President, Board of Directors

Suneel Mendiratta

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Jason Sole

Secretary, Board of Directors

Rick Barfoot

Board Member

Meltse Henderson

Board Member

Bon Idziak

Board Member

Yamini Polisetty

Board Member

Eric Shepherd

Board Member

Ingolf Teetz

Board Member

Jan-Willem van der Boom

Board Member

David Vargas

Board Member