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An open, transparent, and trusted approach to HR data standards development.


Simplify Simplify HR Integrations

Integrate simply with external vendors and internal systems. Our specifications provide a common vocabulary enabling disparate systems to speak the same language and interoperate successfully.


Join Join the Consortium

Join the global standards community and sit at the table with industry leaders defining the standards for the future of Human Resources. Our JSON and XML standards continue to reduce costs and speed product time to market even as the HR Technology landscape evolves.


Certify Certify your product

Certification for your product is available to demonstrate to your customers and trading partners that your platform adheres to a global, industry standard. A standard that will save you (and them) time and money.

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Why HR Open Standards

Our standards, certifications, and global network provide a competitive advantage and trusted symbol across the globe in HR Technology.

Speed product time to market

Make meetings to determine data labels a distant memory. Standards offer a competitive advantage to launching projects and integrations by using an established industry vocabulary.

lower integration costs

Reducing product time to market means significantly lowering development costs - savings which you (and your customers) can take directly to the bank!

Avoid vendor lock-in

The world is moving too quickly to fall prey to costly and inflexible integrations. Our standards enable open data integrations without the need for proprietary integrations or vendor lock-in.

Better metrics

Say goodbye to batch reporting! Standards enable real-time reporting and tie HR data and metrics back to company ROI.

Join a global community

With 9,000+ global members in over 93 countries, you’ll be joining the ranks of HR integrations experts with a wealth of standards development expertise and real-world implementation experience.

Lead the industry

Become a trusted industry leader by recommending and using HR Open Standards. Standards build trust and empower you to lead current and future projects with the confidence.

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