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Coffee Chats

Join us for weekly discussion around HR technology, trends, and interests as chosen by the HR Open community. These hour long chats are an invitation to learn, network with like-minded individuals, and share your experiences in the industry.

Participation is available to everyone, we encourage you to share your videos, your thoughts, and the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your career.

If you’re interested in moderating a coffee chat or have a topic you would like to learn more about please contact us at If you would like to contribute to HR Open we have made participation in the workgroups and committees available to non-members, please contact for more information.


Wednesday, June 10th @ 11:00aEST

Coffee Chat #9: Simplifying Payroll Implementations

If you are familiar with payroll, you know about all of the different rules and nuances for each country, region, all the way down to the counties. When HR Open developed the payroll standard we discussed a lot of these requirements but we wanted to develop something that could be used globally regardless of the regulations. Participate in our discussion on our payroll standard to learn how we built the standard, discuss what’s being worked on now, and ask your payroll questions!

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Thursday, June 25th @ 11:00aEST

Coffee Chat #10: GDPR

Are you impacted by GDPR? Are you looking to see how other’s manage the rules and regulations? Join us on Thursday June 25th @ 11:00aEST as Alan Whitford provides us guidance on his experience with the GDPR and how he uses it across Europe. If you want to share your experiences, learn about changing regulations, participate in the discussion, or just learn more, RSVP!



Coffee Chat #8: Implementing Standards, Lessons Learned

Are you looking to integrate? Have you used HR Open standards? Do you have questions about the implementation process?
If you’re looking for standard integration advice or wantto share your stories, join our Coffee Chat #8: Implementing Standards, Lessons Learned. Join our host Alan Whitford as you takes you through the challenges and resolutions of his standards integrations.

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Coffee Chat #7: Research in AI – Gender Language in IT Job Descriptions

Coffee Chat #6: Standards Relevant to Blockchain for HR

A discussion of activity related to blockchain-based solutions for the HR domain.  We touched on some low level W3C standards that are being used by many of these initiatives, the rollout of blockchain networks currently underway, and some pros and cons of vendor-led versus consortium-led approaches. We discussed the need for higher-level data standards (e.g., HR Open Standards, IMS Global’s CLR, Credential Engine’s CTDL) to support interoperability of networks and how the business model for background screening vendors may evolve with the rollout of blockchain. Questions arose surrounding wallets and expected challenges for managing multiple wallets at the end user level. Listen below to hear more and tweet us @hropenstandards if you’d be interested in learning more about blockchain and standards!

Coffee Chat #5: Build, Buy, and Partner

Ward Christman from HR Tech Alliances led an engaging discussion as people were truly challenged to answer the strategic question, do you Build, Buy or Partner? We discovered that some of the key reasons to ask the question are: avoid wasting time going down the ‘wrong’ road, cost could vary widely depending on choice, and to more quickly react to changing market conditions. Poll: When customers ask for new capabilities, which of the 3 routes does your company take most often? Build 60%, Buy 20%, and Partner 30%.

Coffee Chat #4: JSON LD vs JSON Schema

JSON Schema is primarily used for describing large sets of self-contained data, used as a data descriptor it’s similar to XML schema. JSON LD is a way to describe data use of the web, more similar to or meta descriptors. It’s consumed for more than one type of object and can be used to discover schema. They can be used complimentarily but you have to pay attention to the details of how they talk to each other, otherwise it can create problems. JSON LD seems to be emerging as a new technology and people are still figuring out the kinks of how to use it with the ease they use JSON Schema.

If you’re interested in knowing more about JSON vs XML visit our blog post.

Coffee Chat #3: LMS API Standard Data Definition
A great part about these Coffee Chats is that YOU, as the participant, can ask questions of the group and experts. This conversation started with the Assessment workgroups staged assessments API (read more on our blog), which was developed in coordination with the Recruiting and Interviewing workgroups. As the chat continued people wanted to know about emerging self-sovereign identity methods and blockchain, which will be discussed further in our chat on Wednesday, May 13th @ 12:00pEST. Questions were also asked about the Integrated Learner Record (ILR) and wrapper work being done through the T3 initiative. This was a great session where people were able to seek answers and advice to their LMS questions. For more listen to our recording!

Coffee Chat #2: XML vs. JSON

When deciding to choose between XML and JSON it’s important to be able to understand the strengths and weakness of each – XML is older and more refined but JSON is lighter weight and more optimized for newer technologies. You need to understand your business case, how you will be using the data, and how the platforms you’re interacting with are exchanging data.

Read more on our BLOG!

Coffee Chat #1: Social Media

How often are you sending emails? Is your social media messaging changing?  What is our duty to be socially and ethically responsible?

These are a few of the questions we discussed during our first coffee chat. Some are sending the same 1-2 emails a week but toning down the content and even the picture to be less crowded and project a more relaxed feel. There’s a balance of getting your message across while being sensitive and acknowledging the hardship much of the world is facing. From our initial analytics, we can see that people are drawn to content that shows community and celebrates the culture and spirit of your company. People are looking for a sense of community, connection, and even to know they’re not the only parents balancing kids and work!