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  • dsanthu34 posted an update in the group Group logo of Implementation ForumImplementation Forum 1 year, 11 months ago


    I am trying to read candidate information who is hired in on. I have seen the WSDL in download standards and examples provided in the standard downloads.

    Can any help me in knowing
    1. How we can see the full candidate information in xsd format.
    2. Any WSDL URL that is existing that we can in any other products like .Net or…[Read more]

    • Hello,
      For #2, the WSDL provided in the downloaded standard is really a sample to help getting going to build a new web service based on this. For specific integrations to specific products such as OraclePeoplesoft or Oracle Taleo, they are provided by the vendors directly, not by us.

      Could you please clarify your question #1? In the HR-XML 3.3…[Read more]