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  • Srinivas posted an update in the group Group logo of Implementation ForumImplementation Forum 1 year, 6 months ago

    I have downloaded recruitment specification 3.3 , the xsd namespace is given as , while opening that url ,it is giving some exception , also I need some advise in implementation in c#.NET.

    • Hello,
      We are looking into this. It appears that Open Applications has changed the location of their namespace URL. We are going to contact them and work on a solution. We will post an update once we have more information.
      Jason Sole

    • Hello, Srinivas
      The XSD namespace (in this example, a url) is meant to be a unique reference to differentiate one schema over another.
      In this example, that url is no longer valid on the source site. But that is not required to actually be loaded or rendered in order to use or reference the schema. So this should not cause any issues with your…[Read more]